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Porcelain made in France

All of our handmade porcelain products are produced here in the South of France with great care from A to Z and with the finest products available.

Some porcelain and stoneware is built by hand and some is thrown on the wheel. Your product will specify which. Most products are food safe except where indicated. And all are quality controlled before leaving our showroom.

The body of each porcelain piece is made from the finest porcelain and fired to 1250° for its final firing. Our stoneware pieces are fired at a slightly lower temperature. Because different types of clays might be used in your piece, you may find some superficial splits. This does not change the function of the work. If you have bought a piece that is specified as food safe and you find that it leaks, please contact us. We check all pieces before shipping, however, and this should not be the case.

If your ceramic piece has not been glazed, in some instances I have applied a sealer to the outside. It is food safe and will be specified on the product page. In some pieces, there will be a bit of glaze that bubbled, a color that is slightly off, a bottom that was slightly off kilter; a rustic look. Because these pieces are made in our studio one by one, this rustic look is to be expected where appropriate and is reflected in the price. We hope you will enjoy this rusticity as we believes it adds to the character of each piece and gives it personality.